Chapter Insights

Go deeper into each chapter to learn more about the author's thoughts and prayers during each step of the journey.

My Thoughts – Chapter 4: Hurdles

For most of my life, I have no recollection of my mom ever needing a doctor, having an emergency health issue, or needing medical intervention. Consider that a blessing, right? Yes, but with that being said, there were other challenges—relational ...
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My Thoughts – Chapter 3: Uphill Battles

What happens when you have a stubborn parent or loved one who needs your help? The idea of providing care for those who believe they don’t need it can come with huge challenges. In the midst of what I call ...
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My Thoughts – Chapter 2: Troubled Waters

How does one prepare to care for an aging parent when there has never been a reason to be concerned about a potential health issue? My prayer is that this book will provide somewhat of a roadmap to help you ...
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My Thoughts – Chapter 1: Precious Moments

When you look back on your life, events can play out like scenes from a movie. There are moments in time that may be filled with incredible joy and happiness and other moments when joy and happiness are hard to ...
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My Thoughts – Why This Book

The very first class I took in college was a psychology class. I knew I wanted to help people. Perhaps it was because I had gone through quite a bit of turbulence in my own life and had developed great ...
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