The Lion of Judah

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His heart that of a lion
a fearless warrior He
Uncommon valor, dauntless
He sets the captives free

His voice, roar, wind does carry
to four corners of globe
It’s sound piercing the heavens
echoed in human lobe

His eyes piercing and fiery
infinite knowledge there
They hold the willing vessel
tightly, yet with great care

His strength and power amazing
divine, complex and pure
His Word precise, commanding
sins’ death, His works ensure

His mettle, supreme virtue
bold, resolute and brave
His reach, beyond the heavens
He’s conquered death, the grave

His courage, firmness of will
protector, staunch, mighty
Soul’s bastion, everlasting
He makes the demons flee

His fierceness through divine right
vanguard of justice, He
The heavens bow to honor
His Law, eternally

His power, as Creator
Ruler of everything
His judgment acute, precise
Omniscient Lord and King

He is the Lion of Judah
Christ Jesus, Lord of all
His Kingdom not of this world
He stands in reverential awe