The Highest of Care: A Journey Through Cancer

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Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? If so, your entire world may be shifting. Caring for one who is close to your heart requires unconditional love, strength, courage, and faith. If you desire to provide the highest level of care, add physical, emotional, and financial exhaustion to the list. Not far behind exhaustion are the greatest challenges of all—the spiritual ones. Amidst the reality of disease, pain and loss become overwhelming. One May question God's purpose and fight feelings of anger and hopelessness in the face of these challenges. Is God present in such difficult circumstances?

Journey with the author, Lisa Roseman, as she encounters God's deep love and reassuring presence as well as encourages you to look for evidence of God's work around you—in the mundane and the miraculous.

Within this journey of caregiving, Roseman details a supernatural display of God's promise of eternal life through a miraculous life-after-death encounter that occurred at the end of her mother's life. In the form of a lion that will remind many of biblical references to Jesus, Lisa witnesses her mother gently guided into the promised eternal presence of God.

The Lion of Judah!
His heart that of a lion
a fearless warrior He
uncommon valor, dauntless
He sets the captives free

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This timely book delivers a personal message from God to motivate and bring comfort. Don't miss what God is saying to you!

Reading The Highest of Care will help you:

  • To bring hope and encouragement in the midst of caring for a loved one who is battling an illness.
  • To reveal the faithfulness of God through His ever-present nearness in great times of need.
  • To ignite faith and courage when circumstances seem impossible.
  • To emphasize the importance of self-care while also caring for someone else.
  • To affirm the need for relational boundaries in order to maintain a sense of peace and emotional equilibrium.
  • To stress the importance of relying on God when your strength is depleted.
  • To call to attention God’s promise of eternal life.
  • To reassure you that your loved one is in God’s highest of care.
  • To reveal the miracle that occurs when a person passes from this life to eternity.
  • To invite you on a journey of joy, struggle, and breakthrough.
  • To remind you that you are not alone in your journey of caregiving.
  • To build your faith as you deepen your relationship with God in your caregiving assignment.

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